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Snoring and sleepiness affect over a third of the population, often causing significant health problems and reducing quality of life.

Snoring can greatly disrupt the quality of sleep, resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness. Snoring can also disturb the sleep of those nearby, leading to great frustration and placing a strain on relationships. 

After many years of research and testing AIRMAX can offer you a non-invasive method to improve nasal breathing.

Anti Snoring & Sport Clips

Applications :

• Snoring problems

• Optimized air flow through the nose reduces or stop snoring

• Compromised nasal breathing at persons who are not likely to undergo surgery (for personal or medical reasons)

• To explain postoperative results for persons undergoing nasal valve surgery

• Reduces “stuffed nose” sensation (a cold, allergies)

• If you sleep better you wake up more rested!




The Airmax is easily placed in the nose and by pressure on the nasal side walls it dilates the nasal valve, improving nasal breathing, and prevent snoring.

The dilator is available in two sizes to achieve optimal effectiveness. The Airmax is made of a soft odourless medical certified compound (S.E.B.S.), making it very comfortable to wear, and can be used for up to 3 months each.

The Airmax is certified and tested and patented worldwide.

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