3 Jan 2013

Add a Testimonial

Posted by Airmax.me

If you would like to tell us about how you found using the Airmax Anti Snore or Sports Clip, please comment below.

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21 Responses to “Add a Testimonial”

  1. I’ve been using the airmax anti-snoring devices for 6 months now and have been very happy with them. I initially thought they might be too big and might block airflow but this does not happen.
    I’ve bought numerous nose clips both internal and external over the years but have found this product to be the best product on the market at the moment.


    Philip O'Connor

  2. I’m sending you this mail, as I’m probably the most enthusiastic fan of your product. I’ve used your product for several days now and the headaches that I have everymorning are finally gone. My husband is also using the AIRMAX and I’m finally relieved from his snoring. For years he had to rinse his nose every time he woke up,but with AIRMAX he doesn’t have to do that anymore! One word: FANTASTIC!
    – Tanja



  3. I’ve been recommended from my family to buy Airmax Anti Snoring, because my friend was snoring. He was snoring, but he really stopped snoring, as soon as he started to use it. There was no pharmacy selling it in Sydney at that stage yet, so I’ve bought it online (I received it within a couple of days). Last week he had a cold and it helps him very much as well, so now I’ve ordered one for myself, just in case…!


    Rose Williams

  4. I have always had problems with nasal congestion probably not helped by a couple of broken noses during my footballing youth (deviated septum), and hay fever/allergy (depending on what part of the country I’m in). As I have aged this has also created the occasional snoring problem.
    I came across Airmax at the Swansea Pharmacy in Tasmania during a recent visit. I had tried a number of options over the years including medication but nothing worked; effectively anyway and over a longer period. Airmax has been fantastic! I now breath and sleep significantly better and will also be trying out the sporting model for my running/cycling. For me Airmax has most certainly “significantly and immediately” reduced my “snoring and nasal congestio” (practically eradicated both!).


    Allan Barden

  5. On holiday my kids insisted I wear the Airmax as we were in a shared room. There is nothing worse than hearing Dad snore after a few wines. The Airmax does work and my whole family managed to sleep the holiday. The kids testify that I did not snore at all except for one night when it was not worn. Proof enough for me that Airmax works!


    Robert Burroughs

  6. After trying different products (and when I say different, that includes nose clips, mouth pieces, and even chemical sprays!) just to help me out with my snoring problems, finally this product is the best so far and I think I will stick to Airmax now!

    Gonna order more soon :)



  7. I have had sinus problems all my life, and over the last 3 years have had 4 operations and am scheduled for another one. Each op has made problem worse and now have permanent infection, despite being on antibiotics for over 2 years. Find sleeping and exercise very difficult because of breathing problems, so permanently tired. Airmax dilator arrived two days ago, and I tried it straight away. Wow. I can breathe! Not uncomfortable at all – although I am very used to having people poking things into my nose, so it may be uncomfortable for a while if you’re not used to this.. Have slept really well last two nights and feel almost human again. Cannot understand why doctors have not suggested someting like this to ease symptoms. Husband can confirm that “snoring” (or weird noise i make when struggling to breathe) has stopped, so good news all round. Will definitely be buying these again.



  8. We purchased the airmax from the Fremantle markets.
    My husband has been using the product for about 6 months, and he is not snoring as much as he use to, and not waking in the morning feeling tired. We are just about to purchase more online as this is the only product we have found that actually works, and we have certainly tried a few others.



  9. Snoring impacts your spouse, partner, loved ones and house mates. To get more peaceful nights for you and everyone in your household, I recommend to try the Anti snoring device NOW!
    Glenda Petty


    Glenda Petty

  10. Dear Alan, please look at http://www.airmax.me/how-to-start-using-airmax-device/ to find an answer on you question.



  11. Although i find the Airmax helps with my snoring and dry mouth, i find i am waking up in the middle of the night to put it back in my nostril as it tends to slip out of one side…Any suggestions..??
    I have had it for a week now and apart from that…” so far, so good…



  12. Only bought your airmax 2 days ago, at the Fremantle Festival, Market. I can tell that its just what I have been looking for, for years, and would buy it if it cost $100.
    It WORKS,


    Val Bradshew

  13. I have been using the Airmax now for a month, and find it surprising comfortable. More importantly, no more snoring or waking up with a dry mouth. My sleep quality has improved, I wake up more refreshed and better rested.



  14. Since purchasing this product, my husband and I have been able to sleep without me worrying about waking up due to his snoring. It is lovely to find a product that works.


    Helen Hay

  15. I would like to say that this device really works my husband started snoring in the last few years and it has gotten worse and worse to the point where I have had to sleep in another room as it was waking me up, then we were introduced to the Airmax and life has become as it was no more snoring, thank you Airmax.


    Elizabeth Barnes

  16. A great deal of great things in here! Definitely going to share it with a number of my guys who’re interested in this stuff.



  17. My first thinking when I came in contact with Airmax was that it won’t be anything for me, because of my sleep apnea. But I bought it and was surprised, it really works and now I’ll never go out without my device, it’s so simple to take it with me. My whole family is grateful, for them it’s great that I don’t snore anymore and for myself it’s such a relief as well! No dry mouth any longer and I sleep during the night in stead of getting awake all the time without breathing. And that all for just $29,95 it’s amazing, I can really recommend this!



  18. Good and effective product! Try it! It stops the snore immediately. Surprisely good!



  19. After trying many devices for my husbands snoring I was sceptical about Airmax.The first time my husband used it I couldn’t believe that it actually worked, a peaceful nights sleep without snoring. “AMAZING “.
    He has used it for a month and it is still working, no snoring.
    I now recommend Airmax to all of my friends and acquaintances.
    Thank you AIRMAX



  20. Thank you so much!!!! I am now getting a good night’s sleep now my husband has the Airmax Anti Snore Device. I cannot begin to tell you how well I can sleep without the need for earplugs or resorting to sleeping in the spare bedroom.

    Over the years we spent lots of money on one device after another without any success. Airmax is the only one that work straight away.

    A highly recommended device for anyone who snores, or who is the partner of a snorer, you will have a lot happier spouse either way and a good night’s sleep is the biggest benefit of all.

    Thanks Airmax, trying the device and meeting these people is the best thing to happen to me.

    Pippy – Forrestfield WA



  21. The first time I made knowledge with Airmax I had my doubts, I thought: “Another product that promise a lot but at the end it doesn’t work”???

    But it really surprised me, it is working!!

    Directly at the first night I stopped snoring and my breathing improved a lot. I’ve had a good night sleep since a long time and so did my wife. She was surprised of the result and noticed a big difference in my breathing, AND NO SNORING! Amazing!!!

    I had get used to the clip for the first week, but now it’s comfortable. I won’t sleep without it anymore! And in case I forget, my wife reminds me :-)


    George – Perth



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