When you register as an affiliate marketer, you will receive your own code. Then, using Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, email, blog or even word of mouth, direct traffic to this website to buy the Airmax Snoring Device. You will earn a generous 20% as an affiliate on any sale you make. No matter if you are a private person or company, using our banner or link from your Website or Facebook.

This is a great business opportunity. we want YOUR assistance in generating sales through our website.

REGISTER AS AN AFFILIATE MARKETER on this website by clicking here. Once you are approved use the code you will be provided inside your Affiliates account to place on your website, Facebook, or in whatever other method of advertising you wish to use (social media, mail out, ads). Then all sales that are directed by you to our website – you will then earn the commission.

You can log into your affiliate account by ‘Affiliate Log In‘. Log in with the details sent to you and from your affiliate account you can get your unique affiliate links for your site, email and social media campaign.

Make sure your customers use your unique link or code to ensure that your sales are recognised.

Payments will be made by Coopon Box Pty Ltd monthly or as negotiated via PayPal.



Once you have signed up to become an affiliate, you must log into your Affiliate account, and click on GET LINKS. You then copy the code exactly as it is provided and paste it into your website, social media page or into the HTML of your email. You can either select from the Text Link only or Image Link only.

It is very simple to do, as your Affiliate ID is already inserted into the Affiliates Code.


Web Design, exclusive for our Affiliates and Resellers

We have noticed that many of our Affiliates & Resellers don’t have a website.
It surprised us because in Europe it’s more like, if you have a business it’s obvious you have a website as well.
Now we’re in Australia and don’t want to say that you have to have a website, but we would like to make you a suggestion.

We’ve discussed this matter with our web developers and asked them if they can create a simple homepage or website for our resellers and affiliate partners without making huge investments. We would like you to profit from our affiliate system without making it too difficult.

As you know you can also use your social media or e-mail etc, but they’ve made us an interesting offer to make it easier for our partners.

$ 75.00 for 1 page website with your domain, content, your e-mail address, and affiliate link.
$ 65.00 per extra page.

Yearly hosting costs;
Option 1: $ 45.00 for a sub domain (i.e. www. xxxxxx. com/yourname)
Option 2: $ 138.50 for a main domain (i.e. www. yourname .com or .net)

Airmax is only offering this opportunity to our partners but will not be part of your agreement with the developers, we only bring you in contact.

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