8 Jul 2013

Airmax Down Under Tour Adelaide-Melbourne-Tasmania

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Airmax Down Under Tour Adelaide-Melbourne-Tasmania

After a nice stay in Adelaide we drove along The Great Ocean Road to Melbourne, what a beautiful trip, exciting views and cliffs. It took us a couple of days, but it was worth it. On our way we’ve approached pharmacies and in Melbourne we’ve approached some head offices of pharmacies, so we’re very busy.

From Melbourne we went to Tasmania by ferry, what an experience! We’ve never been on a ferry before, only travelled by plane or car, but we’ve had a great time. We travelled by night and we’ve seen some movies on the ferry and had a good meal as well. Then it was time to go for a sleep, but unfortunately a lot of travellers didn’t use Airmax anti snoring yet, so it was a little bit noisy during the night…..!

Early in the morning we arrived in Devonport, where it was very cold, we had to get used to that. From Devonport we start our trip all over Tasmania, what a friendly people and nice sea views at the east coast, we really enjoyed it. In Hobart we’ve been 2 days and then we had to go on again, because we had to be back in time for the ferry back to Melbourne. We couldn’t stay longer, because the ferry was fully booked out for the next 2 weeks and we can’t swim!

We’ve had a beautiful trip along the west coast and crossed several National Parks on our way to the north of Tasmania. Back in Devonport we’re just in time to catch the ferry again, lucky us.

After a quiet night on the ferry we arrived in Melbourne again, where we’ve spend another couple of days to visit more pharmacies.

See yah soon again!


Dicky and Suzy


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