11 Mar 2013

How to start using Airmax device

Posted by Airmax.me

We have noticed people have these frequently asked questions about the using of the Airmax device:

– When you’ve purchased a Anti Snoring Trial Pack it doesn’t matter which size you start with, S or M.

– Try to slide the device gently into your nose, you can do this dry or make it wet with water to make it easier. If you still having difficulties use some vaseline.

– If you don’t notice reducing or even stop snoring yet, your partner will.

– Get used to the device the first couple of days or week.

– It can happen that you wipe the device out of your nose during your sleep, or by turning around on your pillow, this won’t happen anymore after you get used to the device.

– The first couple of days it can irritate a little bit, this will disappear.

– Then you will feel comfortable with the device.

– Keep on using it every night and after a while you notice that you feel better rested and don’t have a dry mouth in the morning anymore!

– Now you can switch sizes whenever you like and find out which size suits you best.

Finally after a long period of time breathing thru your mouth, you will now have the confidence in your nasal breathing again. In most cases you will not open your mouth to compensate your lack of oxygen. Experience having a good night rest again!




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